Counterbalance Truck Courses

Counterbalance Course

Counterbalance trucks are the mainstay of most logistics and material handling operations within the UK. A counterbalance licence therefore can be the key to aquiring a job in many warehousing and stock moving environments within a variety of industries.

There are many styles of counterbalance truck, either 3 or 4 wheeled ranging in size from 2.5 - 50 tonnes powered either by petrol, electric, deisel or LPG. At G&B Training Services we offer courses for novice and experienced drivers suitable for counterbalance trucks up to 5 tonnes.

The Maximum No. Participants For these courses is 3. Enquire about these courses.

Truck TypePrevious ExperienceDuration
Counterbalance Trucks
B1 - up to 5000kg
Novice 5 Days
Experienced 2.5 Days
Refresher 1 Day